Xbox 360 D3

Diablo 3: Preview for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 II

I also liked the location of the elusive and operation: Just move the right stick in any direction, your character make this dodge to that point. In addition, the elusive no ‘cool-down’ and the character moves faster in that direction, so you had to do to us journalists, advancing as we say in Galicia, ‘a roles’ all the time.

But back to the system of objects, another vital changes in the console version is the character and inventory management: At any time we can go to the character sheet (yes, in co-op and also have to wait to change the companion whatever you like) and discovered that is thought also to be managed by the stick: Now consists of several tabs navigable from L1 and L2 to see skills, inventory, etc.. But the allocation of attacks and passive abilities has been simplified to a wheel around a full body image of your avatar.

Diablo 3

This system is very flexible and very well thought out for players with pad, although at first, I found it much less intuitive in the absence of visual hierarchy on what attack, what special skills or what is passive, as if it is clear in PC . Anyway, the general opinion is that when you start a new game Diablo III, gradual and sequential access to different abilities and upgrades, you will fully understand what you are adding to your character. Those who come here from PC, because, you know: Attacks left button and right mouse mana consuming skills, etc…

Thought for cooperation
To say now that Diablo III for consoles is much more fun in co-op is a truism, as it was also on PC, although the advantage undoubtedly provided by this version is a cooperative game consoles in one device: With up to four players with individual controls, not to mention the online option, Diablo III shows the interface of each player in one corner of the screen with the same information listed above.

This co-op has its own characteristics as a zoom to fit all the players in action and even an option in case one of the participants is absent that his character moves automatically. But yes, the rest will have to defend until your partner returns from the bathroom, kitchen, telephone … but okay, because it is not for action.

This dynamic camera, also enables a broader view if players away, but with a reasonable limit.

For those wondering whether the title holds the view replay ability PC version, I explain that both leveling and getting more powerful items are present in addition to the different difficulty modes: Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno plus eight difficulty levels gradually increase and improve the spoils. For the bravest Unconditional mode is also well-known for regular players of Diablo 3 as: If you die, you’re dead. Come on, that means losing the character die.

From what you have to forget you but it is an option the auction house, authentic ‘leitmotif’ is not without controversy in Diablo 3 PC. In console, yes, there are social options that leverage both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, although we could not see anything in the ‘hands-on’, but I mention it as information provided by Blizzard.

Diablo 3

In closing, I must say that in terms of quality of textures, the game is just past, certainly, but the ‘hands-on’ no questions allowed, due to the limitations of the machines and better, especially, gameplay and speed the first priority. For me personally, the models of the characters in Diablo 3 have convinced me not ever, not even on PC, and I mean the ones you see in the character selection, but during the game, Diablo 3 for consoles is committed to a palette brighter colored and varied, which look great spell effects, areas, etc … getting a very striking and final show that will surely force us on more than one occasion to press the right stick for an indicator light again places us among the enemies, explosions, areas and other fellow.

Of course, I’m dying to try at home and more players locally this Diablo 3. Once we have the title in our hands, for launch in September, will be the first to read about it on IGN Spain.