Diablo 3 for PS3 and Xbox 360

After many years of waiting, last year 2012 was released for PC the third installment of the Diablo series, continuing the story of the world of Sanctuary in a battle known as the “War of sin”, which will break the truce between the forces of good and evil that was achieved with the defeat of Diablo, lord of Terror and his brothers Mephisto and Baal, lords of hate and destruction.

Following the success of this new release, Blizzard has announced that on September 3, Diablo 3 will be released for PS3 and Xbox 360, confirming the arrival of the game on the Microsoft platform.

The creators of Diablo 3 have taken great care to adapt this classic PC to consoles. This incorporated a new interface, a new camera system, adapted much more direct control and new enemies specifically customized for the console. But the big news is that the game does not require a permanent Internet connection and transactions can be made both online and offline through the in-game menu.

PS4 Unfortunately users will have to wait until 2014 to match this platform game.